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A female snow leopard cub arrived at Micke Grove Zoo on January 1, 2014

The Zoo’s strong commitment and their successful history with snow leopards were both major factors in the Felid TAG’s decision to select a lively female snow leopard cub for transfer to our zoo.

The Zoo has historically been very successful with this species, housing a total of 14 snow leopards from 1985 through 2012. Three litters (seven cubs total) have been born and raised at this zoo. Micke Grove Zoo has demonstrated their continued commitment to this species by developing a new master plan that includes an exciting new snow leopard exhibit as the principal focus of the upcoming “ASIAN ADVENTURE” development.


Snow leopard biology and natural history [for more information, click on link]

More on the Zoo's involvement in snow leopard conservation  [for more information, click on the link].


Click here for a video clip of the snow leopard cub at Albuquerque BioPark

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The three month old snow leopard cub gazes at keeper at Albuquerque BioPark
*This photograph was taken in August 2013 at Albuquerque BioPark when the cub was three months old [Photo credit: Tony York, Albuquerque BioPark, NM, USA]


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