Micke Grove Zoo

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Lorikeet Encounter

Lose yourself in the brightly colored world of Lorikeets! With nectar in hand, feed these beautiful parrots in their open-air exhibit at Micke Grove Zoo. Visiting these creatures will give you a tropical encounter that you and your family will never forget!

Lorikeets are brightly colored parrots found throughout the islands of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Polynesia. They are characterized by their brush-tipped tongues that can soak up nectar, making it easy to eat on the go!

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Open daily June 21 through September 28 from 10AM-12PM & 1PM-4PM.
Exhibit may close temporarily without notice in order to provide the lorikeets adequate periods of rest.

Admission to the Lorikeet Encounter exhibit is included with zoo admission ($5.00 for guests 14 and older; $3.00 for guests 3-13, and free for children ages 2 and under and members of the Micke Grove Zoological Society).

The cost of nectar is $1.00 per cup and cannot be refunded.