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Prevost's Squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii

  • Habitat: dense tropical rainforests in south-est Asia
  • Range: Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Natural Diet: fruits, seeds, nuts, bird eggs
  • Status in the Wild: Common


Fun Facts

  • Prevost’s squirrels are black and white with bright orange undersides. Their coat colors help them camouflage and hide from their predators
  • They practice an arboreal lifestyle using their tails for balance. Their claws and toes help them hold onto to tree branches
  • They live either solitarily or in small family groups
  • They emit a high pitched vocalization called an "alarm call" that alerts their family and other prey in the presence of the predator
  • They build nests out of leaves, twigs, and branches in trees. Young are delivered in these nests

Prevost's inhabit tropical rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia


Conservation Threats

The major threats are:

  • Habitat loss, agricultural practices, conversion for forests to plantations, and logging trees for firewood.
  • Illegal hunting and trapping also has a detrimental effect on their wild numbers

Prevost's Squirrel Prevost's squirrel are black, white and their undersides are reddish orange

He is offered a variety of browse that includes rose petals, flowers, and nuts


Map Distributional range: in Malaysia and Indonesia