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Prevost's Squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii

  • Habitat: dense tropical rainforests in south-est Asia
  • Range: Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Natural Diet: fruits, seeds, nuts, bird eggs
  • Status in the Wild: Common


Fun Facts

  • Prevost’s squirrels are black and white with bright orange undersides. Their coat colors help them camouflage and hide from their predators
  • They practice an arboreal lifestyle using their tails for balance. Their claws and toes help them hold onto to tree branches
  • They live either solitarily or in small family groups
  • They emit a high pitched vocalization called an "alarm call" that alerts their family and other prey in the presence of the predator
  • They build nests out of leaves, twigs, and branches in trees. Young are delivered in these nests


Conservation Threats

The major threats are:

  • Habitat loss, agricultural practices, conversion for forests to plantations, and logging trees for firewood.
  • Illegal hunting and trapping also has a detrimental effect on their wild numbers

Prevost's Squirrel Prevost's squirrel are black, white and their undersides are reddish orange


Map Distributional range: in Malaysia and Indonesia