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Conservation Partners

Micke Grove Zoo Conservation Priorities

Micke Grove Zoo management staff strives to provide a conservation-oriented collection with an emphasis on species facing survival threats. Unfortunately, there are many once abundant wild animal populations now confronted with an array of challenges. Among the threats are habitat loss and degradation, subsistence hunting, environmental pollution and illegal poaching and trade … and there are many more.

Zoo visitors not only see and learn about diverse wildlife, but they also have the opportunity to better appreciate them and better understand survival challenges that particular species face. Every Micke Grove Zoo educational program provides information as to how each of us can contribute to wildlife conservation and to a healthier planet for all living things.

As you learn more about the species at Micke Grove Zoo, click on the links to our partners in conservation. Supporting the work of these organizations is one way that you can make a positive difference for nature.

Conservation Partners Focus - Micke Grove Zoo species
Madagascar Fauna Group
Madagascar species
(lemurs, geckos, mantilla frogs, radiated tortoise)
Snow Leopard Trust
Snow leopard – snow leopard study and protection
Snow Leopard Conservancy
Snow leopard – education, research and grassroots action
Paso Pacifico
Restoration & conservation of Central America’s Pacific Coast ecosystems (spider monkey)
Save the Golden Lion Tamarin
(Associacio Mico-Leao Dourado – Brazil)
Habitat restoration (golden lion tamarin)
Proyecto Titi
Research, education, community programs (cotton-top tamarin)
Lory Conservation Network
 A network of zoos, bird parks and lory exhibits around the world dedicated to lory and lorikeet conservation

Conservation programs that focus on individual species and their habitat can benefit all of the animals and plants in an area that is under study and protection.

At the Zoo, cooperation with these organizations, and with programs for captive species management, contribute to increasing our collective understanding of endangered species and to stabilization of dwindling wildlife populations.

Micke Grove Zoo assists, and encourages your support of, local and regional programs to conserve native species and their habitats. Organization such as the Lodi Sandhill Crane Association (www.cranefestival.org), local wildlife refuges and nature centers, such as the Oak Grove Nature Center, are great sources for conservation information.


Red ruffed lemurs are highly social spending considerable proportions of their time in intra-specific interactions


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