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Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

  • Habitat: Wide range which includes temperate forests, subtropical and tropical montane forests, shrubland, desert, rural fields and gardens
  • Range: Canada, Mexico, United States and the Caribbean Islands
  • Natural Diet: reptiles, birds and small mammals
  • Status in the Wild: Common


Fun Facts

  • Adults have reddish-brown tail feathers that gave them their name

  • They have excellent eye sight and they are able to spot their prey when they are flying

  • They have sharp, curved beaks, and large claws called talons that they use to shred their prey

  • Females are larger than the males. They reach sexual maturity at two years of age.

  • Their vocalization sounds like a raspy screech


Conservation Threats

  • Illegal hunting and trapping of this species occurs for pet trade and for display purposes


Red-tailed Hawk The red-tailed hawk was rescued from the wild with a wing injury.






Map Distributional range in North America