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Striped Skunk
Mephitis mephitis

  • Habitat: Forests, coastal swamps, deserts and scrubland
  • Range: Across North America (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A)
  • Natural Diet: Insects, small mammals, birds, eggs, fish, and crustaceans
  • Status in the Wild: Common


Fun Facts

  • Striped skunks are habitat generalists
  • They have an excellent defense strategies against predators; they  spray a foul smelling liquid that can cause temporary blindness
  • Another defense mechanism is stomping their feet and arching their backs and lifting their tails
  • They are active by night and their coat color of black and white help them camouflage hiding them from their predators


Conservation Threats

The major threats are:

  • Habitat loss, agricultural practices, and pollution through chemicals used in agricultural fields and in forests.
  • Illegal hunting and trapping also can have a detrimental influence on their numbers in the wild



Striped Skun Striped skunks are habitat generalists living and surviving in diverse habitats


Map Distributional range - Striped skunks are found throughout North America