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Vietnamese Walking Sticks
Medauroidea extradentata

  • Habitat: sub-tropical dry and wet forests
  • Range: endemic to Vietnam
  • Natural Diet: leaves of vegetation they inhabit, in Vietnam.
  • Status in the Wild: Not evaluated


 Fun Facts

  • Vietnamese walking sticks are endemic to Vietnam
  • They are approximately 4 to 5 inches long.
  • They are brownish-black in color and look like twigs, which help them to camouflage from their predators
  • Females are identified by their shorter antennae and pair of horns on their heads
  • These walking sticks are asexual. They lay hundereds of their eggs on the forest floor of their habitat
  • They have short life spans of about 5 to 6 months.


These walking sticks live in the tropical rainforest habitats in Vietnam


Conservation Threats

  • The major threats are habitat destruction, some agricultural practices, and logging trees for firewood.
  • Use of pesticides and insecticides also has a detrimental influence on their wild numbers

Similar to the adult shown in the image, nymphs are identical to them and are an inch in size 

Stick are brownish-green in color and camouflage well on a background of vegetation

Female Vietnamese walking sticks are identifed by their shorter antennae and pair of horns on their heads

Distributional range

These walking sticks are only found in Vietnam