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Cancellation and
Refund Policy
Cancellation 14 days or more before the event = 75% refund of the total balance.

Cancellation 8-13 days before the event = 50% refund of the total balance.

Cancellation less than 8 days before the event = 0% refund of the total balance.

There are no refunds for missed days, tardiness, early self-dismissals, or if the camper is dismissed from camp by staff for the reasons described in the behavior policy listed on the Micke Grove Zoo Camp webpage. In the event that weather is severe enough to require cancellation of one or both days of camp as determined by zoo staff, an offer of credit towards another program will be provided.

As long as you contact us 8 or more days before your camp session begins and space is available in the desired class, there is no fee or penalty for transferring from one session to another. However, we can only transfer a registration once. We are unable to make transfers within 8 days of a camp session. Please call (209) 331-2138 to request a transfer.

2015 Summer Zoo Camp

Turn up the heat on your child's love for nature, animals, and conservation at Micke Grove Zoo Summer Camp!

Each week brings us new opportunities to explore the animal world with games, crafts, activities and animal encounters. Fun included!

Camp Details

Times: Zoo Camp - 9AM to 12PM
June 15-19, 22-26; July 6-10, 13-17, and 20-24
Ages: 5-7 and 8-10 Years Old

Location: Micke Grove Zoo
Cost: Zoo Camp - $95 members/$110 non-members (five days).
Includes snack and zoo camp shirt. There is a $10 maximum discount per transaction when registering one or more children for three or more sessions.

Registration: Member priority registration is available April 1-12 by e-mail invitation. Registration for the general public begins April 13.

Offline registration form coming soon.

Activity Breakdown

June 15-19: “Transformers”
Animals have been transforming through metamorphosis, shape-shifting, color morphing and size mutation long before our toys started changing. Come play with us and our “living toys” to see how they are “more than meets the eye”. 

June 22-26: “Madagascar Madness”
Fossa and Lemurs and Tortoises, oh my. Trek with us to the island of Madagascar where these unique animals leap through the trees, slink across the rainforest floors or creep underneath the majestic mystery of a baobab tree. 

July 6-10: “Criminal Critters”  
They may be cuddly and cute but many animals of the world are opportunistic thieves that will steal anything from a meal to free babysitting. Learn how “survival of the fittest” can sometimes be out-thinking your competition and where working smarter, not harder, can make all of the difference. 

July 13-17: “Visiting Vacation Homes”  
Some call them “snow birds” that fly south for the winter, but the animals just say that they are visiting their vacation homes.
 We will tour with the migrating masses of animals that travel the many miles across the seasons. 

July 20-24: “Water Play Days”  
Who wants to get wet and wild at the zoo? Join us for a week of getting crazy in the sun with frozen t-shirts, bug popsicles and squirt gun tag.

Please Read Before Registering

Frequently Asked Questions
Just about everything you need to know about camp! We've answered questions like, "What will my child do at Camp?", "Can I stay with my child?", "What is the child to teacher ratio?" and more!

Camp Behavior Policy
In order to ensure everybody has a good time at camp, we have established this Behavior Policy.


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