Micke Grove Zoo

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Text Box: Wikimedia Commons
Invertebrates Amphibians

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Golden Mantella

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko*

Standing's Day Gecko*

Western Pond Turtle*

Red-eared Slider

Yellow-bellied Slider*

Florida Softshell*

River Cooter

Radiated Tortoise*

Marbled Teal


Ruddy Duck*

Spotted Dikkop

Yellow-knobbed Curassow

Scarlet Ibis

Waldrapp Ibis

Turkey Vulture*

Swainson's Hawk*

Golden Eagle*

Speckled Pigeon

Black Parrot

Hawk Headed Parrot*

European Roller

Ring-tailed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur**

Black and White Ruffed Lemur*

Golden Lion Tamarin

Cotton Top Tamarin

Black-tufted Ear Marmoset*

Black-handed Spider Monkey

Brazilian Tree Porcupine

Prevost's Squirrel

Southern Pudu




Snow Leopard
Education Animals (not on exhibit)                   

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

African Bullfrog

Kenyan Sand Boa*

Rosy Boa*

Blue-tongued Skink*

California Kingsnake*

Red-eared Slider*

African Leopard Tortoise

Red-tailed Hawk*

Western Screech Owl

Oak Grove Nature Center             
(These animals are displayed at the Nature Center and not at the Zoo)      

Warmouth Sunfish

Pacific Tree Frog

American Bullfrog

California Toad

Southern Alligator Lizard

Gopher Snake

Western Gartersnake

Western Pond Turtle

*Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons  

**Photo courtesy: Scott Findley Photography