Micke Grove Zoo

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Text Box: Wikimedia Commons
Invertebrates Amphibians

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Golden Mantella

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko*

Standing's Day Gecko*

Western Pond Turtle*

Red-eared Slider

Yellow-bellied Slider*

Florida Softshell*

River Cooter

Radiated Tortoise*

Marbled Teal


Ruddy Duck*

Spotted Dikkop

Yellow-knobbed Curassow

Scarlet Ibis

Waldrapp Ibis

Turkey Vulture*

Swainson's Hawk*

Golden Eagle*

Speckled Pigeon

Black Parrot*

Hawk Headed Parrot*

European Roller

Ring-tailed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur**

Black and White Ruffed Lemur*

Golden Lion Tamarin

Cotton Top Tamarin

Wied's Marmoset*

Black Handed Spider Monkey*

Brazilian Tree Porcupine

Prevost's Squirrel*

Southern Pudu




Snow Leopard
Education Animals (not on exhibit)                   

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach*

African Bullfrog*

Kenyan Sand Boa*

Rosy Boa*

Red-tailed Boa*

California Kingsnake*

Blue-tongued Skink*

African Leopard Tortoise*

Red-eared Slider*

Western Screech Owl*

Red-tailed Hawk*
Oak Grove Nature Center             
(These animals are displayed at the Nature Center and not at the Zoo)      

Warmouth Sunfish*

Pacific Tree Frog*

American Bullfrog*

California Toad*

Southern Alligator Lizard

Gopher Snake*

Western Gartersnake*

Western Pond Turtle

*Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons  

*Photo courtesy: Scott Findley Photography